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FBI files new charges against 3 men accused of gun violence

FBI Assistant Director in Charge Christopher Odom announced charges against three men accused in the shooting deaths of two men outside a bar in north suburban Wheaton, Illinois, on January 16, 2018.The men were charged with attempted first-degree murder and aggravated assault.“These cases highlight the need for additional law enforcement resources to target violent criminals […]

Which is more likely: California’s ‘sheriff in chief’ has to resign, or he’ll be replaced by a new governor?

Former California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) announced on Sunday that he will not run for a third term in office, the first time in the past two decades that a governor has declined to seek a third consecutive term.Newsom made the announcement in a tweet, but a video of the announcement posted by NBC News […]

Stephen Harper’s 3nd Law: Webers Law Formula is a Mystery, Says a Lawyer

Harper has long had an image as a pragmatic conservative, but his governing party has taken steps to shift that image, even if it has been a slow-burning process.The Harper government has changed the law, tweaked the formula and tweaked it a few times in the last year.In this article, we’ll look at Harper’s third […]

Law professor warns of massive backlash for Trump’s ‘murderous’ tweet

Law professor Charles Weber warns that President Donald Trump’s tweet about the judge overseeing his travel ban is the “most destructive tweet I’ve ever seen” and “a very dangerous precedent.”In a series of tweets late Sunday night, the president called Judge James Robart of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals “a terrible judge,” “dishonest” and […]


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