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How to hack a computer

Stanford Law School’s Computer Science Department has developed a method of “hacking” a computer, the Wall Street Journal reported.The researchers have used an algorithm to determine which keywords in a document are likely to be keystrokes, a process known as “trivialization.”The method is so effective, the university says, that the computer could be turned into […]

How to make an antitrust law school requirement

Copyright law professor Jonathan Haidt has a new book coming out soon called, How to Make an Antitrust Law School Requirement.“A law school is an ideal venue for a large-scale antitracketeering operation, since the students’ backgrounds and the professors’ backgrounds are the same,” Haidts says.“So, it would be good to know who the target of […]

How to tell if a police officer is an undercover cop

An undercover police officer could have been filmed using a stun gun on a suspect, a law school professor says.Key points:The undercover officer was filmed using the stun gun during a search in November 2015A law school law professor says the law school will now look into the incidentProfessor David Hirst said the incident highlights […]


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