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Why is this corporate law case about environmental law and how it impacts your business?

Corporate law, a branch of business law, deals with legal matters that are more than the mere conduct of business.These include everything from labor disputes to employment contracts, and it’s the area that gets the most attention when it comes to the environment.The key here is that corporate law deals with things that affect businesses […]

Newton’s first gun law: Newton’s law won’t go into effect until next year

Newton, Ill.— Newton’s gun laws won’t take effect until Jan. 1, 2019, after lawmakers in Illinois approved a bill Wednesday that would prohibit gun manufacturers from selling guns with ammunition clips larger than 15 rounds, as well as magazines longer than 30 rounds.The Illinois House approved the legislation after lawmakers on both sides of the […]

Stephen Harper’s 3nd Law: Webers Law Formula is a Mystery, Says a Lawyer

Harper has long had an image as a pragmatic conservative, but his governing party has taken steps to shift that image, even if it has been a slow-burning process.The Harper government has changed the law, tweaked the formula and tweaked it a few times in the last year.In this article, we’ll look at Harper’s third […]


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