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Why are we so sure that the U.S. will not be tried for crimes it committed?

By Nick CohenThe New York Times The U.N. Human Rights Council voted on Wednesday to condemn Germany for violating international law by imprisoning a Canadian-born woman who has spent nearly four years in detention.Ms. Bertholdt said she was forced to sign a plea bargain in exchange for a reduced sentence of six months and was […]

How to read a Kentucky gun law

There is no “gun free zone” in Kentucky.It’s a law that allows anyone to carry a gun in public.But that doesn’t mean people can’t use it for lawful purposes.Law enforcement officers, firefighters and other first responders are not allowed to carry guns.They have to have a license, which requires a gun-carry permit.The law does not […]

How to become a lawyer in the 21st century

Law school admissions for 2019 are expected to start next year and, as ever, universities are scrambling to prepare.While the number of applicants is expected to be higher than it has been for many years, the numbers will not be nearly as high as the past decade.The University of Oxford’s admissions rules for 2019 have […]


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