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How did the California Marijuana Law become so complicated?

California’s marijuana law has long been a thorny issue, as politicians have sought to make it easier for businesses to sell pot and for the state’s growers to sell their product.The state’s Department of Food and Agriculture has argued that the law is a major threat to the state economy and has sued to block […]

How a court ruled that the Obama administration didn’t violate the constitution with its mass surveillance of American citizens

By Andrew Seidel, BloombergPolitics article The Supreme Court on Monday denied a petition for a rehearing that would have struck down part of the controversial National Security Agency surveillance program that the justices had halted last month.The court denied the request for rehearing in the case, which arose from a case brought by a New […]

Benjamin’s Law Firm Receive $10 Million Settlement for Alleged Wrongful Death

NEW YORK — Benjamin’s Law, a prominent New York law firm that helped convict former Gov.Andrew Cuomo, will receive a $10 million settlement from the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for its handling of a death from a cocaine overdose.Lawyers for Benjamin’s law and a lawyer representing the Cuomo administration had argued the […]


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