Investing in The Bahamas

CLARKE & COMPANY has facilitated many clients in the past 14 years to invest in the Bahamas. In 2015, after 9/11, the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005, and the crash of 2009, the Bahamas is a Buyers market. The business climate is good as the licensing authorities are eagerly seeking investors and the work force is ready to work as the minimum wage has been lowered to $150.00 per week, that’s $7,800 per year, which includes National Insurance

The Bahamian dollar remains on par with the US dollar.

There are several commercial buildings for sale and many residential properties that can be purchased as foreclosures. Choosing the Bahamas as a second home and attaining permanent residency has never been easier. With an investment of $350,000.00 in a private residence or commercial enterprise a foreigner with a clean police record or an affidavit can live a comfortable lifestyle as a king or queen in the paradise of good weather year round.

Foreigners can invest in a myriad of businesses on their own and attain an income with the right to work in their own company. Any restricted business can be ventured in with a Bahamian partner. There is ample room for Casinos, Hotels, Pharmaceutical Companies, Manufacturing as the labour is reasonable. The Port of Hutchinson Whompoa allows for any goods manufactured to be exported to anywhere in the world and the Americas.

The population of South America is 387.5 million and the population of North America is 318.9 million.

For those looking to relocate, there are ample food stores with fresh produce, dairy, and meats. There are several hardware stores. There are furniture and appliance stores.

There are several good schools for children, which offer international standards and feed into to UCLA, US Northern and Southern Ivy leagues, UK Universities and Canadians Universities.

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