The Law firm of CLARKE & COMPANY established in October 2002 specializes in large commercial litigation where U.S. corporations are seeking to recover debt from Bahamian companies or individuals.

CLARKE & COMPANY has a 95% success rate and dominates the niche market recovering debt for breach of supply contracts for hardware, lumber, construction materials, and merchandise. We also collect on default of promissory notes, loans, mortgages and credit cards.

In the past 14 years, CLARKE & COMPANY has developed a relationship with high net worth individuals seeking to protect their wealth and assets through the construction of Foundations, International Business Companies and Bahamian Partnerships. We are also able to successfully attain investor status, permanent residence status and citizenship for persons looking to relocate to the Bahamas and maintain an income with the right to work in their own company.

CLARKE & COMPANY works along with law firms companies and architects whom wish to register their patents, trademarks, copyrights and designs. Other areas including Conveyancing (real estate law), Land Lord and Tenant disputes, Mortgages, Divorces, Admiralty Law and attaining US visas for Bahamians and others who have been prohibited from entering the U.S. CLARKE& COMPANY also represents clients in the charges or Murder and Possession of Dangerous Drugs with the intent to supply.

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