Why is Benford’s Law the Law of the Land?

With Benford the Law the law in the UK, a couple of weeks ago a man was convicted of murdering his two young children by shooting them through the back of the head with a shotgun.

The man, Benford, was convicted under a provision of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (CJA).

It was the second time that a British criminal had been convicted under the law and the first time in Britain since the 1871 murder of Sir William Blackadder.

In 2002, a young man in the United States, William Pemberton, was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of killing his two children.

In 2007, a woman in Texas was convicted in a similar way for killing her five children by throwing them into a car.

It is unclear what the relationship between the two cases is.

But the law has become something of a rallying cry for people who have been victims of child abuse, as they argue that it protects them from harm.

Benford, a barrister who specialises in child protection, is a former child psychologist and a former adviser to the police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

She said: I think the whole idea that it would protect children is nonsense.

I have seen many cases where young children are put through a process where they are exposed to a number of different types of trauma and, quite often, these kinds of traumatic experiences do not lead to the same type of behaviour that a criminal would.

They can result in severe psychological damage to children.

It is important to remember that this is not about the protection of children.

It is about protecting the family and the home.

And it is important that those who are perpetrators of child cruelty be brought to justice.

In 2005, the CPS launched a national investigation into child abuse in the justice system.

The investigation found that the CPS was often reluctant to act on reports of abuse, often refusing to make the necessary arrangements.

More recently, a number a women have been prosecuted under the CJA in relation to child abuse.


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