Cardinal Francis urges Australians to ‘do the right thing’ after death of woman

A cardinal has urged Australians to do the right by others and to stop trying to make people think they are better than they really are.

The cardinal said there was “no greater sin” than to try to “overcome the pain of death”.

“No matter how much we love others, we cannot overcome the pain,” Cardinal George Pell said in an address to the nation.

In our heart, we must always do the most that we can for others. “

We cannot do the wrong things and be the good people they are hoping to be, or even to be themselves.

Pell said he did not believe in “any sort of god, any sort of higher power, or any other higher being”.””

We are all capable of doing great things, but there are no greater sins than to attempt to overcome the suffering of death.”

Pell said he did not believe in “any sort of god, any sort of higher power, or any other higher being”.

“I know that there are many great and good people who have died and gone on to do great things,” he said.

“We are not all capable, but no greater sin than that.”

A number of countries have stepped in to provide aid to families of the Australian victims of the coronavirus, which have also been hit by a string of high-profile suicides and suicides.

A senior doctor at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare said the country had a “very strong community response to this situation” and there were signs that the Australian government was taking the situation seriously.

Dr Richard Hallam said the coronovirus had made the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Australians “the most tragic events in recent Australian history”.

“It’s a tragedy for the families of those who have gone through this, for those who lost loved ones and friends, for all those who live in fear, for the state of the economy,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

He said it was “a tragedy” that some people were so “incompetent” that they did not want to see others suffer.

But Dr Hallam acknowledged that there were “many things” that needed to be done, including more public awareness and increased funding for mental health services.

“[I]t’s a shame that a few people are doing things, I don’t know how to say this,” he added.

Cardinal Pell also said that it was important to remember that the death of the woman who took her own life in Perth on Thursday had happened just days after the coronivirus announcement.

She was “the love of my life” and had been a good mother, he said, adding that he had spoken to her family.

“She was a good, caring, loving woman,” he explained.

“It will be the most difficult time in my life.”

Cardinals have also called on Australians to “do the work” and not to “go around” with “blame and self-congratulation”.

“There is a big responsibility in this, and that’s that we don’t go around doing the wrong thing,” he warned.

“You can’t make someone do the work.

Australia has recorded a record number of coronavides in 2017, with nearly 300 deaths. “

I want to say a very special thank you to all of the Australians who are doing what they’re doing.”

Australia has recorded a record number of coronavides in 2017, with nearly 300 deaths.

More than 5,200 people are being treated in hospital with the virus, and there are nearly 30,000 confirmed cases.



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