How to hack a computer

Stanford Law School’s Computer Science Department has developed a method of “hacking” a computer, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The researchers have used an algorithm to determine which keywords in a document are likely to be keystrokes, a process known as “trivialization.”

The method is so effective, the university says, that the computer could be turned into a self-replicating device for “advanced malicious activities,” according to the Wall St. Journal.

The Stanford team said it has created the tool to “provide the broadest possible set of tools to help users exploit vulnerabilities in a wide range of software.”

The tool is designed to be used in “critical infrastructure environments” and can be used for “remote monitoring and penetration testing,” the WSJ reported.

It will be used by law enforcement, researchers, and security professionals to quickly and easily find and exploit vulnerabilities.

“This method has already been used to attack more than 200 devices in more than 60 countries around the world,” the paper said.

The paper says the technique was inspired by a previous research paper that also involved a computer system.

“In this work, we identified a specific vulnerability in the Internet protocol protocol [IP] and found a way to exploit that vulnerability to obtain the credentials of an end-user,” the researchers wrote.


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