How Colorado and Washington became marijuana states

Colorado and the other states have legalized marijuana, making Colorado the latest in a growing list of states to take the first steps in legalizing the drug.

The new legislation gives people the right to grow up to six marijuana plants, distribute up to one ounce of marijuana, possess up to two ounces of marijuana and grow two marijuana plants.

The legislation allows for a person to cultivate two marijuana trees for personal use, but not for resale.

It also allows people to grow two plants of marijuana for personal or business use.

It allows anyone 21 or older to grow one marijuana plant for personal and family use.

The law allows people who are not currently licensed to grow or possess marijuana to do so in their homes, provided they do not have a residential marijuana cultivation license.

The bill also allows for the cultivation of marijuana at home, but it does not permit people to have the plant grown in a place where they could ingest it.

A person can’t sell marijuana to someone else in their home, or sell it for use in their car.

It’s also not legal to buy marijuana at a marijuana store, except at licensed dispensaries.

Health officials have said they’re concerned about the effects of the new law on public health.

Health experts say that people who have medical conditions, such as chronic pain, are more likely to be affected.

They say the law may make it harder for people to find relief from their chronic pain.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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