Lawmakers demand answers after former FBI official says ‘black lives matter’

Republicans in Congress have demanded answers after a former FBI director said that Black Lives Matter was “a racist ideology that is destroying the fabric of America.”

The former director, James Comey, told MSNBC on Thursday that “black lives don’t matter” in his view.

“We have to say black lives matter.

Black lives matter, black lives do matter,” he said.

“But that doesn’t mean black lives don (not) matter to us.”

Republican Rep. Bill Flores of Texas called Comey’s comments a “blatant lie.”

“We must hold those in government accountable, not the other way around,” Flores said in a statement.

“There are millions of Americans who support this country and the law enforcement that protect it.

And while the FBI Director’s comments are a blatant lie, the Department of Justice must and will investigate any violations of the law.”

Democratic Rep. Al Green of Texas said in the statement, “James Comey should immediately resign.”

He added that Comey “should be immediately fired for his shameful and reckless conduct.” 

Read more about Comey’s statement here:


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