How to use this free guide to learn about gun laws in California

If you live in California and you own a firearm, there are a few things you should know before you buy a gun.

The first is that you can’t buy a firearm in California unless you have a valid concealed carry permit.

The second is that if you are convicted of a felony involving a firearm within the last five years, you will be prohibited from buying a firearm.

And if you live within 100 miles of California, you should also know that if your state’s laws are stricter than California, then you can still buy a handgun.

Here’s how to read the rules in your state.1.

The Gun Laws in California1.1 What is a concealed carry license?1.2 How do I apply for a concealed carrying license?2.

How much is a permit worth?2,3.

How do you apply for an Concealed Carry Permit?4.

Where can I get a concealed handgun license?5.

Can I purchase a handgun online?6.

What is the cost of a gun permit?7.

What are the requirements to obtain a concealed weapon license?8.

How long do I have to apply for my concealed carry pistol permit?9.

How does California differentiate between concealed carry permits?10.

Can a person purchase a firearm online?11.

Can they sell guns?12.

How many gun permits do I need to purchase?13.

Do I have a right to carry a firearm on my person?14.

Can an armed citizen lawfully enter a school?15.

What if I have questions about gun ownership?16.

Do you require a permit to carry?17.

Can the state provide firearm safety training?18.

Can children buy guns?19.

Can concealed carry licenses be used to purchase firearms?20.

What about ammunition?21.

Can people buy guns in other states?22.

What happens if I lose my concealed weapons license?23.

Can you transfer a firearm that has been confiscated from me?24.

Do the laws on concealed carry apply to the sale of a firearm to another?25.

What other laws apply to a concealed gun permit holder?26.

Can gun permits be transferred to someone else?27.

Can someone obtain a gun from me without a permit?28.

How can I register my concealed weapon?29.

How often do I check to see if my concealed handgun is in good condition?30.

Can California laws affect my right to buy a pistol?31.

Do gun owners have the right to bear arms outside their homes?32.

How safe are concealed carry weapons?33.

Do guns need to be kept at home?34.

How easy is it to get a permit in California?35.

How will you know if a gun is legal to buy?36.

How accurate is California’s background check system?37.

Do people who own guns need a license to buy them?38.

Is California’s gun law the most stringent in the country?39.

Do California’s concealed carry laws affect concealed carry applications from people other than felons?40.

Do concealed carry handgun license holders need a permit for buying a gun?41.

Can felons buy guns from someone else who does not have a permit from California?42.

Can law enforcement officers have access to guns?43.

What information is required when a California gun dealer asks for my license?44.

How are you supposed to tell if you have an invalid permit?45.

How is a gun stored in California after a person’s permit expires?46.

Can certain states require guns to be stored separately from the rest of the vehicle?47.

Do states require people to report lost or stolen firearms?48.

Can guns be sold in California without a license?49.

Can states require license holders to take a polygraph test?50.

Do some states require gun dealers to have a background check?51.

Do state laws affect the sale or transfer of guns?52.

Can anyone buy a car without a concealed weapons permit?53.

Can car dealers sell guns in California if a person is convicted of felonies involving a gun within the past five years?54.

Can convicted felons obtain guns from licensed dealers?55.

Can registered gun owners legally own guns in some states?56.

Can licensed gun owners purchase guns from people who do not have concealed carry credentials?57.

How important is a criminal history check when deciding if someone should be allowed to buy or own a gun in your community?58.

How effective is California gun safety training program?59.

Do other states have similar programs?60.

What does a concealed pistol license mean?61.

Do licensed gun dealers need a concealed firearm permit?62.

Does a license from a concealed permit holder count as a concealed concealed weapon permit?63.

Do a concealed person have to have an active concealed carry background check in order to purchase a gun at a gun store?64.

Is it illegal to buy guns online?65.

Is a firearm transfer from


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