How to sue over copyright, trademark and patent violations

How to get a trademark, trademark or patent infringement lawsuit in court: Here are some basic legal rules and how to handle them.

Katrina Law, author of the blog Nude, said her blog has received many copyright complaints over the years, many filed against her.

She said that she’s often contacted by lawyers with similar cases and has a simple answer for any attorney asking questions about intellectual property, trademark, and patent law: “Just answer the question honestly.”

Katrina said she has not received a single legal advice on this topic.

“I don’t want to get sued,” she said.

“I want to stay open and talk about what I do.”

Katina said she feels very fortunate that she has an attorney who is willing to answer questions about her legal work.

“He’s very professional,” she explained.

“He’s not just going to say, ‘We’ll send you a letter.'”

Katina added that she feels her blog will help people make informed decisions about their legal actions.

“People who are really into this are getting more and more concerned and are going to be more open and transparent about their actions,” she concluded.

“We need more information about this.”


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