Lexington Law Firm hires new employee

It looks like Lexington is hiring a new law firm partner. 

The Lexington Law Firm announced that it has hired a new lawyer and has also hired a number of other legal professionals. 

A Lexington spokesperson told IGN that the firm has also acquired another law firm with a similar name, which they are calling The Legal Group. 

“Lexington Law Group will continue to operate independently and will continue the same legal practices that it was founded on,” the firm said in a statement. 

Lexington will also be using its own name, “Lexington Legal Group” as its official logo. 

That’s the name of the law firm that had been associated with the Lexican Lexica and the Varsity Lexicon. 

In December, Lexington and the LexicanLexicon announced that the company would end its partnership, but the two companies had a deal that would have seen Lexington retain ownership of both brands. 

With the Lexicals departure, The Legal Group will be owned by the firm’s parent company, Lexican Holdings LLC. 

It’s unclear how many of Lexington’s employees will be joining the firm, though the firm does say that it’s hiring “an impressive group of attorneys and associates.” 

Lexical will also have an affiliate law firm. 

If you have any information about the law firm hiring or if you think you might have worked at one of its locations, you can contact them at london law firm or the legal group.


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