How to get rich in Silicon Valley

The tech sector is a tough sell to some investors.

For a start, the industry is relatively young, in the midst of a transformation.

The biggest investors in the sector, including Google, Facebook and Intel, have seen their stakes in the industry drop dramatically in recent years, and many are now focusing on a new sector of the economy: the blockchain.

Blockchain technology, which underpins the internet and its many applications, is increasingly becoming a focus of attention in the US and Europe.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, a blockchain technology expert said that the technology could have the potential to radically change how we transact in the financial sector.

In the article, Marko Brion, a co-founder of the company Chain, explained the importance of the technology and its potential to make financial services easier to navigate.

“If you are a merchant, or you are in a financial service, then you can now transact more easily,” Brion said.

“There’s a lot of technology being created to make it easier to do that.”

In a recent survey of 500 financial institutions, Chain found that about half of them were looking into blockchain as a way to move money across borders faster, with the average transaction time going from seven minutes to just two minutes.

A second survey of 600 financial institutions also found that nearly a quarter of respondents had already used blockchain technology in some way.

The companies cited the ease of use and ease of processing as two of the most important features that set blockchain apart.

Blockchains are a digital ledger that can be shared, stored and verified on a network of computers.

The technology is currently used to facilitate the creation and storage of digital certificates that can verify the authenticity of assets such as bank notes, currency or stock certificates.

This can make it easy to make transfers between companies or people.

“Blockchain is the future of financial technology and it’s very important to understand how it’s going to work in the real world,” says Paul Schiller, a senior fellow at the Center for the Study of Money and Banking at George Mason University.

Schiller said that in the coming years, the technology will be increasingly used in the way that we transact with each other and with businesses.

“This is going to happen more and more, in fact, it’s almost inevitable,” he said.

BlockChain, which uses cryptography to secure transactions, was first introduced to the public in 2014.

But its potential is already clear.

According to, which tracks blockchain activity, more than 40,000 companies have registered for use of the network.

Chain is also the first company to accept Bitcoin, the virtual currency that is used to pay for goods and services.

The network is also being used to process more than $2 billion worth of transactions every day.

A new way to financeIn many ways, the blockchain is a good thing.

The tech has the potential for revolutionising how we deal with our finances, from setting up a bank account to opening an account.

However, it has also led to some unintended consequences.

The first major problem is the rise of digital currencies, which have been widely accepted as payment options.

In order to keep their value high, banks are using cryptocurrencies as a means to store their assets in a safe, untraceable way.

In addition, the value of digital assets is falling due to the rise in the value and scarcity of traditional assets.

This means that businesses and individuals who hold cryptocurrency are potentially exposed to a rise in their tax bills.

For example, Coinbase, a US-based company that helps consumers buy and sell cryptocurrency, recently had to raise more than a billion dollars to pay back customers that lost money due to losses in their digital wallets.

“When we started, we were able to create an online store and then create a website,” says the company’s co-founders, Brian Armstrong and Anthony Terrazas.

“It was incredibly easy.

It was as easy as sending a payment to a bank, transferring it to our account.

We didn’t need to set up a wallet.

We could simply send our wallet to Coinbase, pay them, and then they would receive it.”

However, in a recent report, the Federal Reserve noted that cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ether, may be too risky to be used for money laundering or terrorism financing.

Bitcoin is not backed by any government, and it has no intrinsic value, meaning that if it were to lose value, its value would also fall.

The same is true of Ether, a cryptocurrency that has been used to purchase goods and to transfer money across the world.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, has intrinsic value that can easily be manipulated.

For example, if a bank were to issue an electronic certificate that claimed that it was the owner of an asset, it would be worth much more than it actually is.

The rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum, however, has also created a new kind of problem.

“Bitcoin is a way of sending money


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