New York City law school numbers for the first time

NEW YORK — — New York’s new law school rankings will be announced Wednesday afternoon at the Law School Admission Council’s annual meeting.

According to a press release from the Law Schools Association of New York, the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Legal Services Corporation, Law School Number 1 will open in June 2018 and Law School Numbers 2 and 3 will open later in the year.

New York State will soon announce its law school admissions and retention rankings, according to the press release.

Law Center to Protect Gun Violence President and CEO Matt O’Brien said that his organization and other organizations, including the New York State Bar Association, Law Center To Prevent Gun Safety and Lawyer and Legal Services, have been working to ensure the LawSchool Number 1 law school is the best in the country.

Law School Number 2 and Law Center Number 3 are both located in Brooklyn and will open during the summer, O’Brien said.

Lawyer and Law Services Director Matthew S. Gagnon said the LawCenter to Prevent Law School Rankings was established to provide objective and reliable information on law school enrollment, retention and admission rates.

Gagnon explained that the LawAcademy, which has operated in the same building since 1999, had been “a constant source of disappointment for students and alumni alike” and the LawScore was “the first comprehensive database that included full-time faculty and staff, as well as alumni and prospective students, in one place.”

Gagnons statement also noted that LawCenter To Prevent Law Schools was also instrumental in helping to shape New York state’s gun control law.

“The LawCenter is a proud partner of the LawACademy,” Gagnons press release said.

“We will continue to strive to ensure that Law Schools remain among the best, and the most effective, places for the advancement of the law.

We are proud of our partners at the law school, and are looking forward to seeing them back in the Law Academy building in the fall of 2019.”


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