Lawyer’s ‘Lawyer Beware’ letter to Texas AG about Marshal Law

The Texas Attorney General’s Office has been inundated with legal threats since the Marshal Law, which was enacted in June, was implemented.

That means attorneys are facing a barrage of legal threats.

Lawyer Daniel L. Mims, who has represented the Marshal law defendants, said the Attorney General was forced to issue a press release on Wednesday after receiving numerous threats.

He said the press release was meant to address the threat of an “attempt to intimidate” attorneys.

Mims said the threats began when the Attorney Generals office received an email from a lawyer who claimed that the Marshal laws actions violated the U.S. Constitution.

The Attorney Generers office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“The Attorney General has received multiple complaints from Texas law enforcement officers, which have prompted us to issue this press release to notify Texans of the Attorney’s Office’s ongoing work to protect law enforcement and public safety,” the press call states.

The press release states that the Attorney generals office “is currently reviewing the marshal law to determine if there are any additional protections that the Marshals are requesting in order to protect public safety.”

The Attorney Generys office has also received threats against attorneys, Mims said.

The threats include threatening to use the law against law enforcement, Mews said.

“We are being targeted with multiple, credible threats, which are clearly designed to intimidate and disrupt our ability to defend the Marshal Laws actions, Maws office said in the release.

The Attorney’s office said it will be responding to the threats.


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