How to tell if the world’s most famous law school is in New Hampshire

The law school where the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Stephen Hawking studied, Harvard Law School, has announced it will no longer accept applications from students seeking to attend, following a new state law that would allow universities to deny admission to those seeking to study law.

Hawking is among a number of Nobel Prize laureates who have applied to study at Harvard Law.

The law schools said Monday that the new law would affect those who applied for admission and those who were approved.

The law school said in a statement that it would suspend all undergraduate and graduate programs until it could be changed, adding that it will continue to offer scholarships to those who wish to attend.

The announcement came two days after New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan signed a law that requires universities to accept students who have been awarded the Nobel prize in physics or chemistry.

The Nobel Prize is awarded each year to a research physicist, engineer or scientist who has made significant contributions to the development of scientific knowledge and the formulation of policies and theories.

Harvard Law’s law school announced Monday that it had not received an application for admission from a prospective student seeking to pursue a degree in law from the school.

The new law requires colleges and universities to allow students to apply to take law classes in a manner similar to that of other programs.

The Massachusetts Senate is considering a bill that would create a similar mechanism.

The Harvard Law school’s statement came hours after the New Hampshire Supreme Court said it would not hear an appeal of a decision by a judge that temporarily blocked the state’s law requiring all applicants for admission to the school to be deemed academically qualified.

The court also said it had ordered that a preliminary injunction against the law be lifted.

Harvey Goldfarb, a lawyer representing several applicants, said Monday the decision was based on a misunderstanding of what the law actually says.

The University of California, Berkeley, said it has applied for a law degree from Harvard Law and plans to do so.

The school said it will not accept applications for undergraduate and postgraduate programs from students in New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Virginia.

Harvard Law, the university’s flagship school, said in its statement that all undergraduate, graduate and professional programs at the law school would continue to be offered.


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