The next big thing for education law?

By Alex SorensenLaw school students can now take the next step in their education with a new program that’s gaining traction in the state of California.

The new law, known as the California Law Review for Education, is designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to learn on campus and also allow them to access high-quality legal advice in a way that hasn’t been possible in the past.

The program is designed in part to provide legal guidance to law school students in California who want to apply to a post-law school career, said attorney and professor Eric Haney.

He’s helping design the new program.

The law school curriculum is a mix of courses and lectures, which typically involve three or four lectures per week, said the law school’s dean, Richard DeMartini.

And in many cases, the lectures are based on work that students are working on.

Students are encouraged to work on topics like the relationship between law school and the workplace, how to find and hire an attorney, and how to navigate the complicated and sometimes hostile world of the legal profession.

The law school has offered similar courses for law students in other states.

The new law also offers a program for students who want a break from the rigors of a law school application process, said DeMartino.

In other words, students can use the Law Review program to learn how to apply for jobs in the fields of accounting, financial planning, real estate, health care, and more.

Students can also use the program to work in their spare time during their law school careers, DeMartin said.

The Law Review, which is based at UC Berkeley, offers classes and seminars to law students and their parents, and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is exempt from state income taxes.

The program was founded in 2015 and has a goal of helping students who are interested in a career in law, but who are worried about the legal process.

Students and parents are asked to sign a waiver before applying for the program, and to provide some personal information.

It’s not required that students fill out the forms.

The first class of students will be held in January.

Law students who enroll in the program will receive a scholarship and can apply for financial aid and scholarships through the program.

Students who enroll and complete the program are eligible for tuition waivers.

They also receive tuition credits to cover the cost of attendance at the law schools.

Students can take the program online, and can also take it at their local community college, a law library, or a library at the UC Berkeley.

The Law Review website has a list of the courses that will be offered through the law program.

A full list of programs is available on the Law School Association website.

Haney said he was excited to work with the law students to design and bring the new legal education program to California.

He said he and his colleagues will help guide students through the process and give them access to the knowledge and resources they need to get through their law schools careers.

“They will be working on the law review, which we believe is a great program,” Haney said.

“But they will be learning how to get their work out into the world.”

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