Why are we so sure that the U.S. will not be tried for crimes it committed?

By Nick CohenThe New York Times The U.N. Human Rights Council voted on Wednesday to condemn Germany for violating international law by imprisoning a Canadian-born woman who has spent nearly four years in detention.

Ms. Bertholdt said she was forced to sign a plea bargain in exchange for a reduced sentence of six months and was denied the right to appeal the decision, according to the Geneva-based U.n.

High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay.

Ms Bertholds claim that the woman, identified only by her first name, Ms. K., was tortured and raped while she was held for two years at the Auschwitz concentration camp in the former East German state of Prussia.

“It was a very, very cruel thing,” Ms. Berths lawyer, Christian Fuchs, told the council.

The decision by the U,N.

panel of human rights experts marks a significant shift from previous statements from human rights advocates and international institutions.

But Ms. Pillay said the decision was not surprising and reflected an increasing recognition of the human rights risks posed by detention camps.

The U.K. Foreign Office also said it had withdrawn a petition for the U of T’s permanent resident status, which was the last step to gain entry to the U-N.

Ms Pillay called on all states and other actors to ensure their nationals are not subjected to the “systematic and systemic abuse” of their legal rights.

Ms K. is the first Canadian to be sentenced to imprisonment for a crime she did not commit, said the Geneva prosecutor, Eva Koehler.

The Canadian government has said Ms. S. has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and suffers from mental illness.

Ms S. was arrested in 2016 after she allegedly threatened to blow up the Uptown Mall in Toronto.

Ms C. said she had not been given access to legal representation by her lawyer, and that Ms. C. was not given any opportunity to explain her rights.

The court heard that Ms S. had been detained on suspicion of carrying out a violent attack on police in November 2016, but the trial judge denied her bail.

The judge also refused to allow her to see a lawyer during the trial.

Ms Fuchs said Ms S was in “serious distress” and had mental health issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

The case against Ms S has been appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Ms B. has said she is “disappointed” by the ruling, but said she hoped Ms S would be released as soon as possible.

She added that she believed the Ussers sentence was “not excessive” and that she hoped she would be given “a chance” to appeal.

Ms E. said her sister, who is also in the Uppsala provincial court, was also jailed for more than five years for the same crime and had been denied access to a lawyer.

She said she will continue to fight for justice.

Ms H. said the ruling was “disappointing,” and called on the court to overturn it.


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