Day: August 6, 2021

Which is the Law & Order TV show that you hate more?

loyolacademy,law school,university,universities loyolaslaw,law,units source Reddit article london,uk,uk london london law,law students,law london source Reddit ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _________________ __________________ 1.The Simpsons (1961) 2.The Fugitive (1967) 3.Law & Disorder (1962) 4.Arrested Development (1989) 5.Criminal Minds (2009) 6.Criminal Court (2000) 7.Blue Bloods (1996) 8.Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (2002) 9.The Wire (2006) 10.The West Wing (2009)-Season […]

Gun control bill could have unintended consequences for California gun rights

California’s gun laws are under attack from an outside group that wants the law overturned and for gun control groups to be allowed to collect signatures to force the ballot measure to be approved.Supporters of a gun control measure backed by President Donald Trump, California’s Democratic governor and some Democrats in Congress are targeting the […]


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