How to read a Kentucky gun law

There is no “gun free zone” in Kentucky.

It’s a law that allows anyone to carry a gun in public.

But that doesn’t mean people can’t use it for lawful purposes.

Law enforcement officers, firefighters and other first responders are not allowed to carry guns.

They have to have a license, which requires a gun-carry permit.

The law does not specifically state that anyone can carry a weapon in public, although that’s clearly part of the law.

However, the law does allow anyone to use a firearm to defend themselves or others, and it makes clear that the use of a firearm in any way is prohibited.

“If the use is done in a manner that is reasonably calculated to endanger the life of any person or the safety of others, then the use may be considered an act of terrorism and prosecuted as such,” the law reads.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that some people in Lexington have been shooting at the state Capitol during a special session of the Kentucky House to demand gun control.

The city has had an armed guard at the Capitol since March, when the legislature voted to repeal a law banning certain types of assault weapons.

In the past few weeks, armed protesters have occupied several parts of the Capitol, including the Senate chamber.

Police in Kentucky have used pepper spray on protesters, and a man was shot during a march in Louisville in July.

The Kentucky legislature has passed dozens of gun control measures in recent years, and in 2013 it passed a law restricting magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

The new law is expected to increase gun ownership in the state, and some people have said they want to take the guns away.

Kentucky passed the “Lexington Open Carry” law in May.

It allows anyone 21 years of age and older to openly carry a handgun or rifle, and prohibits the carrying of a weapon on public property.

The state law also includes a requirement that gun owners obtain a concealed handgun license.

It also makes it a felony to carry any firearm in a vehicle without a license.

There is currently a petition in the Kentucky state legislature to change the law to allow guns to be carried openly in public in all areas.

The National Rifle Association is fighting against the bill.

It issued a statement on its website, saying the “ban on openly carrying guns on public transportation is an unconstitutional overreach.”

The NRA also pointed out that the law was passed after the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, in June, when a gunman killed 49 people at a gay nightclub.

It says the law would restrict gun rights.

“The NRA believes that people are entitled to the same rights as every other American, and that all Americans should have the same access to guns as everyone else,” the NRA statement said.


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