What are the rules for using an e-mail address?

uclas law school student Emma M. uses an e‑mail address to send e‑mails to a professor at uclase law school, and the professor has no idea that she is using her e‑-mail to send him messages.

Emma was able to send messages using her regular email address because she could easily set up a Google account to log into her e-mails.

The professor had no idea, and Emma was still able to receive e‑ mail messages from him without logging into an account.

She has contacted uclases university and the law firm to report her violation.

However, she was not told by the professor that her e­mail address had been used in a way that violated the university’s policies on using university e‑ address.

She now plans to ask uclarec to take action.

The law school dean’s office says it can take disciplinary action against anyone who violates university policies on use of university e- addresses.

Uclase students use their university e‐ address to: Reply to e‑ messages sent to them from their regular e- mail accounts, as well as e‑‑ messages received by their Gmail accounts.

Reply to messages sent by e‑ users on their university accounts, and reply to messages from their e‑­‑mail accounts.

Send messages to university students, faculty, staff and students on their mailing lists, as long as they use their e-­‑‑mail addresses for the purposes of participating in the university community.

Reply with an e‐mail message from a university e­‑­­‑ address to someone on their email address list who does not have the university e ­‑‑ address, as determined by the dean of students and faculty.

Reply a university email message to a university user with an email address on the university list.

For more information, see the law school website.

Update: April 30, 2018 at 2:15 p.m.

This story has been updated to include the law schools statement on the issue.

[Image credit: UCLA Law School]


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