Here’s what to know about the ‘curse of the phishing email’

As part of his presidential campaign, President Donald Trump has promised to “cleanse” the United States of all illegal immigrants.

He is also using a Twitter account known as @POTUS to encourage people to take action on immigration issues.

But it is a Twitter-based account that can also be used to send phishing emails and to gain access to information.

It has been used to infect thousands of computers with malware.

A phishing campaign against the President’s campaign is now the subject of an investigation by federal investigators, including a federal grand jury, CNN reported on Tuesday.

The phishing account, @PencePence, was also used to gain unauthorized access to Trump’s private emails.

The Twitter account was first spotted in March, when a hacker used it to hack into the email account of a top adviser to Trump, according to CNN.

On Monday, the FBI said the account had been compromised by a Russian-based cybercrime group that had gained access to more than 150,000 Trump campaign emails.

But CNN reported that the FBI was still investigating whether any of the emails were hacked.

A cybersecurity expert told CNN that the account appeared to be legitimate and not a phishing attempt.

The tweet from @PentagonPence is from the account that was compromised.

It is from a user that had access to the account.

We are not sure if it is legit or not.

It appears to be from someone that had a legitimate account that had been used for a few months.

The user used the account to send an email to a user account that they control.

So, the email sent to the user is not fake.

It looks like it was sent by someone that was in the process of sending the email, and it’s very easy to recognize as that.

The message said, “The phishing attack will be released soon.”

The tweet went on to say that a new email was sent to that account.

That email was from a new user that did not have access to any of Trump’s emails.

Trump has previously said that he would not release his tax returns to the public because he does not want to incriminate himself.

However, it is not clear if that statement is true.

The @PENCEPENCE account is from an account that did have access, which is why I am not releasing my tax returns.

@realDonaldTrump @PentaPence I know, I know.

But we will be releasing them soon, @realDonaldTrump said on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

“You know, you guys have got to be kidding,” Trump added.


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