Lexington Law Reviews

NEW YORK — Lexington Law Review and the Yale School of Law are partnering on a joint project to help students with disabilities learn about and understand legal concepts, including the law’s lexicon, legal history, and law schools.

The law review’s lexical resources include the Lexicon Project, a collection of over 20,000 legal dictionaries, which is available to law students for free.

The Yale Law Project also is hosting a series of free webinars with students and faculty that highlight lexicographers’ work.

Lexington is also partnering with the Yale Law School to create an online glossary of terms and concepts that are part of the law, as well as a lexicon-wide index of the lexicon at Yale Law.

The projects are part, in part, of the Yale’s efforts to address the challenges of accessibility, and the Law Review’s partnership with the Law School is a “step forward in providing students with legal literacy that is relevant to the challenges they face.”

Lexington and the law review hope to help the students develop skills that can serve them well when they enter a law school.

“Lexington has a long history of serving students with special needs,” said David Pappas, vice president for educational engagement at the Law Society of New York, in a statement.

“By offering free online resources that can help students better understand the lexical lexicon and its history, we are helping to strengthen the law schools mission to serve all students.

While this partnership is not a new endeavor for the Law Reviews, it is our first with Yale Law, a school that has consistently been at the forefront of providing high quality education to students with disability, both in terms of academic performance and in terms for their access to law and legal services.

The partnership also marks the Law Schools first collaboration with an institution with a significant disability population, and it demonstrates our commitment to the development of a robust legal literacy curriculum that serves our community and all students.”

“The lexicon project will provide a resource for students and law faculty that will help them better understand their legal vocabulary and the legal systems that are based on it,” said Mark L. Borkowski, president of Yale Law and the executive director of the Law Libraries Association.

A copy of the glossary project can be downloaded at www.lexiconproject.org.



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