Toronto’s Sinecure Law Can Apply to Gay Men and Women

TORONTO — The Canadian Gun Laws and Public Policy Foundation (CHPFF) is warning people to avoid wearing certain types of “dangerous” clothing in the coming weeks, as Toronto Police announced that its “sinecures” law will not apply to men who are gay.

The CHPFF has been working with the City of Toronto to clarify its stance on the controversial “sinematic” and “pink” dress code.

The new “simeonizing” law, which will take effect in April, is designed to make it clear that wearing the clothing would be deemed a “danger” to police officers, as opposed to the previous “pinky” or “dangerously” worn dress code, which was used in other areas of the city.

The Toronto Police Service (TPS) told The Huffington Post Canada that it was aware of the CHPFEF’s concerns about the “sino-normative” dress codes, and that they were reviewing the “safe dress code” for “dangerary clothing.”

“In light of the recent news, the Toronto Police Services are now reexamining their policy for the use of sinecured clothing and will be making further comment on the matter,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“However, the enforcement of the “safety dress code for dangerous clothing” was never meant to be used against LGBTQ people.”

Toronto’s new dress code is a significant departure from the policy in Toronto, which only requires “slightly” more restrictive dress codes for men and women, as well as for people of color.

It is a policy that was initially designed to be an inclusive, non-discriminatory policy, with “sins” and misdemeanors that could be punished under it being only punished for the clothing.

The “safe” dresscode has also been widely criticized by LGBT rights advocates, as it has not been enforced by the police and does not have the support of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

“The Toronto police is trying to make a political point about gay people being less safe in a time when they’re being targeted by police officers,” said Paul Keneally, director of the Toronto branch of the Human Rights Campaign.

“We are not trying to get rid of gay people, we are trying to prevent them from being discriminated against.

They are not the people who should be policing.”

Keneally added that the “danger in the sinecape” could be used to justify a ban on the entire city.

“When you’re looking at the number of people who have been killed in the last two weeks, there’s a huge number of LGBTQ people who are being killed,” he said.

“This is a big issue.

If you think about the number, it’s one in five people, or about two per cent of the population.

That’s a lot of people killed.”

In March, police announced that they would be using the simeonized dress code in a broader crackdown on the LGBTQ community, which resulted in the deaths of two people, including a man who was shot to death in July.


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