New law allows states to strip nude photos of students

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio legislature has approved a bill that would allow public universities to strip naked students from a nude photo of a transgender student in their dorm room.

The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Lisa M. O’Connell, D-Columbus, also would allow colleges and universities to refuse to provide certain information to students about their sex and sexual orientation, a move the bill says would help protect students.

A similar bill is in the works in Florida, and it has already passed the state senate.

O’Connell said she is confident the legislation would not face a filibuster.

It is likely to pass the Senate, where Democrats hold a large majority.

Oddly, the legislation also would let the public know if a student has had an abortion.

The measure is similar to one proposed in California last year that passed with overwhelming support, but was vetoed by Gov.

Jerry Brown, who said it was not necessary.

The bill was also opposed by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, who called it a dangerous infringement on civil liberties.

The proposed legislation would allow a person to sue if their privacy was violated by a photo of an individual taken at a school.

The suit could be brought by a parent, guardian or a student.

Overnight, the bill passed the House of Representatives with a vote of 96-8 and was sent to the state Senate, which is expected to approve it.

O`Connell has been outspoken in her support for a similar bill in Florida.

A spokesman for Husted said the governor was “skeptical” the bill would pass.

Husted and several state senators were among the lawmakers who voted against the bill.

Hudson, the head of the Ohio Republican Party, said the measure is “not the answer to all of the problems we face.”

“We need to look at a better solution that is based on common sense and not the whim of the state,” Hudson said.

Oral arguments are expected to be heard in a state district court on Monday in Cincinnati.

The case will then go to trial in a federal court.

Ohio law allows schools to offer sex-segregated dorms for transgender students, but schools that choose to do so must make their policies and practices available to the public.

In Ohio, schools must also post signs on campus and provide a list of designated restrooms and changing rooms, which students can check for.


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