Month: July 2021

Why Virginia Gun Laws Are Bad for Gun Owners

By Sarah RuhlmanThe American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is working to repeal laws that protect gun owners from gun violence and have been working on legislation to expand background checks to include people buying guns through a private sale. The Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would repeal two of those state […]

What to know about abortion and birth control law in California

California has a lot of laws on the books regarding abortion, birth control, and related issues, but what are the legal restrictions in these areas?If you’re interested in knowing more, you can head over to our blog and learn more about these topics, or you can look through our article on the basics of abortion […]

How to tell if a police officer is an undercover cop

An undercover police officer could have been filmed using a stun gun on a suspect, a law school professor says.Key points:The undercover officer was filmed using the stun gun during a search in November 2015A law school law professor says the law school will now look into the incidentProfessor David Hirst said the incident highlights […]

Loyola Law School announces new law to prevent ‘brainwashing’ of children

NEW YORK—A top law school at one of America’s most prestigious schools says it is taking the extraordinary step of declaring a national law to protect students from “brainwashing.”The Law School of New York at the University of New Hampshire says it will adopt the proposal from a student-led campaign dubbed Brainwash Prevention Week, which […]


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