‘The Law of One’ author says he will sue for defamation

‘The law of one is dead’: A Chinese author has said he will seek legal action against the NYT for publishing his article on martial law declared in the US and New York, saying he was “victimised” and accused of trying to “stifle free speech”.

The article, which was published on Wednesday, was titled ‘Martial Law declared in US and NY: What the hell happened?’

The article quoted Mr Chen, who was born in Hong Kong, as saying that martial law had been declared in New York City, New York and Los Angeles, and that police were deployed to the cities to maintain order.

“It’s not true that martial police have been deployed in New Jersey, New Jersey and Los Angles,” Mr Chen wrote.

“I am a citizen of Hong Kong and I’m not a resident of New York or Los Angeles.”

Mr Chen also accused the NYT of having “created a fictitious situation in order to suppress free speech”, according to a statement published on Twitter by the NYT.

The NYT said Mr Chen’s statement was “false, inaccurate and defamatory” and said he had “no involvement in this article”.

Mr Chen said he has spoken to Chinese authorities and lawyers to obtain a response to the article.

He also said that the NYT had not contacted him directly, but that it would contact his lawyer to discuss the matter.

The author’s tweet was later deleted, but he did not say when it was removed.

Mr Chen is not the first Chinese author to speak out against the US after its announcement of martial law, although the law of law does not explicitly state that it applies to China.

In 2015, Chinese lawyer Zhang Zhijian published a book called ‘Law of One’, which is dedicated to the “one law for all”, which he said would provide “a way to live peacefully and safely”.

In 2017, Chinese internet users took to social media to protest against a Chinese law banning foreign news websites from publishing articles critical of the Chinese government.

The law has been criticised by human rights groups as a step towards censorship.

Mr Zhang, who is a former judge, was banned in 2016 for several years for a series of tweets in which he criticised the government.

China has since reinstated the ban, although Mr Zhang remains in jail.

The US is also under martial law in California, Georgia, Maryland, Texas and Virginia, while police in Missouri, Tennessee, Florida and Wisconsin have declared martial law.


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