How to get a job online with a legal degree

Law students in the US have a long tradition of applying for jobs online, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Now, they are facing new competition from legal jobs.

The US Department of Labor (DOL) has released a survey showing that online job postings for law school graduates are up 17% since May 2018.

The data, which was compiled by the firm Hootsuite, also showed that employers are recruiting for the position of attorney-at-law.

Hootsuites CEO David Farrar said the survey showed that the law school industry is moving towards a new era.

“Law school graduates have a lot of opportunities and have a great future ahead of them, but they still have a way to go in getting an online job,” Farrars said in a statement.

“We see a trend where a large percentage of law school applicants are applying for online positions that are already on their resumes.”

Farrars noted that the jobs are often for “general or general-practice jobs”, which are typically not law school positions.

“We see that for law schools, they’re actually finding that it’s easier to find these jobs for them now than it was a few years ago,” he said.

The survey also showed an increase in the number of job postings and job openings for lawyers across the US.

According to the report, a total of 3.1 million jobs were listed online for lawyers, a 16% increase over the same period last year.

Law school applications have been rising for years, and have continued to increase in number.

According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 1.1m jobs were advertised online in 2016, and that number has continued to climb each year.

The number of lawyers applying to law school is currently at an all-time high, according to a recent BLS report.

In addition to the online jobs, the survey also noted that many employers are also hiring for a variety of other positions.

The study found that about two-thirds of employers surveyed indicated that they were hiring for “legal assistants”, “legal aides”, or “law clerks”.

Law school applicants, however, are facing challenges as well.

According on the BLS survey, only 38% of law schools said that they have had a single attorney or legal aide working for the school since 2018, and only 21% of these schools said they have one or two attorneys working for them currently.

The BLS said that the survey shows that many law schools are struggling to keep up with the demand for graduates, and it has to do with the changing nature of the law profession.

“While hiring for the new generation of lawyers is a growing trend, the law schools must keep up or face the prospect of having to close,” the report said.

“If the law departments are to stay competitive, they must focus on hiring the best candidates.”

The BOLIS survey also revealed that while more than half of employers have a “very favorable” view of law graduates, a majority (58%) have an “unfavorable” view.

Law schools face challenges in attracting new graduatesThe survey found that law schools had difficulty attracting graduates to the US, and many were concerned about the future of the profession.

In 2017, a BOLISA survey found 53% of legal schools had a “negative” view towards law graduates.

“Many law schools feel that they are unable to compete in the current legal market, and they believe they will lose business,” the survey said.

“The hiring pressures that they feel are more than outweighed by the opportunities and potential they see for graduates.”

While law schools have faced significant competition from other industries, the industry itself is not experiencing a slump.

According a BLS study published in June 2018, the number one cause of job losses was a drop in the cost of legal services, with the top three causes of job loss being the cost (23%), healthcare costs (17%) and transportation costs (13%).

According to the BOLES survey, the BSA, the US Department for Education and the US Chamber of Commerce all reported an increase of more than 20% in employment in 2017.


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