Loyola Law School announces new law to prevent ‘brainwashing’ of children

NEW YORK—A top law school at one of America’s most prestigious schools says it is taking the extraordinary step of declaring a national law to protect students from “brainwashing.”The Law School of New York at the University of New Hampshire says it will adopt the proposal from a student-led campaign dubbed Brainwash Prevention Week, which […]

How a court ruled that the Obama administration didn’t violate the constitution with its mass surveillance of American citizens

By Andrew Seidel, BloombergPolitics article The Supreme Court on Monday denied a petition for a rehearing that would have struck down part of the controversial National Security Agency surveillance program that the justices had halted last month.The court denied the request for rehearing in the case, which arose from a case brought by a New […]

How to make money from crypto-currency trading

New rules set to tighten the restrictions on bitcoin trading in California are set to go into effect this week.The new rules, which come into effect in 2019, are meant to prevent money laundering, cybercrime and money laundering of drug money, according to the California Department of Finance.The rules, to be known as the ‘California […]

Why we shouldn’t be surprised that the Trump Administration has gone after MLK Day in California

The president is making a mockery of the legacy of MLK, the civil rights leader who inspired his Black Panther Party to fight police brutality.In a new order from his Justice Department, the Trump administration is targeting MLK day as a way to shut down the Black Lives Matter movement.The order targets the event and […]

How to avoid being sued for Reddit posts

A new lawsuit from the University of California, Berkeley is challenging the school’s use of a controversial method of using the court system to silence users.The suit filed Monday argues that the university is using the law school’s “prejudice, discrimination, and fear of reprisal” to suppress speech on the internet.Berkeley’s lawsuit cites an article published […]


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